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What Is Tech-Skilling?

Digital transformation can make workers feel uneasy. When they hear about new technology automating tasks that were once theirs, that can come across as a threat to their employ-ability. Companies need to focus less on what systems, tools, and tech to buy, and more on how to enable and encourage the people who will use them.

Investing in and prioritizing “tech-smart” workers puts your employees at the heart of your digital transformation. Changing not only what people do but how they think. Knowing employees can learn new skills without having to leave their job encourages them to think differently about what they can do in the company and what their career path can be.

Investing in talent development initiatives to help learners succeed in the age of automation will enable businesses to position themselves for success. Tech-skilling not only helps employees thrive in the future of work but will help businesses thrive as well.

In the end, effective transformation isn’t about simply handing work off to machines. It’s about integrating technology more seamlessly into daily workflows to elevate the entire work experience; and a smart worker is cheaper than a smart machine!

With Work-Tech you can choose from three tech-skilling options for your employees:

  • Do-it-yourself – as the name implies, this is an in-house approach which could include utilizing free online platforms like SkillUp®

  • Low-cost options such as WEDnetPa or other programs available through your local PA CareerLinks or Workforce Development Boards

  • ‘Full bucket’ which is a company sponsored customized training

  • If you’d like to discuss how Work-Tech can help you tech-skill your teams for a more people-centric future of work, get in touch. (hyperlink to website)

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