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Why Work-Tech?


  1. Worker values align with company values

  2. Employee engagement process aligns with customer engagement activities

  3. Communications and transparency activities link to employee network

  4. Employee technology linked to business technology

  5. Employee success planning linked to succession planning


Why technology supporting workers is critical:

  • Over 40% of worker hours are spent on manual, repetitive tasks

  • 75% of small-midsized businesses do not use any AI-Virtual Reality-I-4.0 tools

  • For most workers, the most powerful training tools are cell phones and YouTube


For most companies, the least expensive and most impactful employee steps:

  • Linking employee communications software to company CRM/ERP platforms

  • Subscription software recommendations;

  • Calendar task management

  • E-mail management

  • Project management

  • Low or no code programming

  • Cloud and edge computing

  • Remote worker support

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